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Aoki Ume Exhibition Haul

Hello everyone and welcome back to Tiro Finale for another haul post. Our recent trip to the Aoki Ume Exhibition in Aomori would not have been complete without a haul of merchandise exclusive to the event. So today, we are going to bring you our small takeaway from this large art exhibition.
Surprisingly, one of the more collectible merchandise, the event brochure, is something you can get from the event is actually free. The brochures for the event exhibition itself can be found all around Aomori and, here, in the hotel that we lodged in for the duration of our stay. The brochure itself is a full color print and contains vital information about the event.
The other neat collectible on the list are the tickets themselves. Only the advance tickets are printed in color with the special ticket having a different illustration. Tickets from the Art Museum on the day itself are just simple white tickets with the event name written on it. Aside from having a printed ticket, the special advance…

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